Physical Health

Physical Health


Personal Coaching and TOTAL Wellness Plan

Achieving TOTAL wellness can be confusing and overwhelming with all of the options available to us. And, there are many things that impact your physical health, such as sleep, nutrition, toxins, and fitness. I am not a doctor, nor do I have a fancy title. But, I can share with you solutions that I have found provide better physical health more naturally and on a budget.

After completing the FREE “TOTAL Wellness Assessment”, we will discuss a simple, personalized plan that addresses your specific health needs and goals. Your Plan may include connecting you with affordable and skilled practitioners that you need (such as personal trainers, chiropractors, medical doctors, and the like), and products that will assist you (clean food and cleaners, air cleaners, water systems, etc.). Then, we will plan to connect often, so you stay on track.

Guest Speaking and Workshops

I am available for your speaking engagements and training events. See details.


If you are looking for healthier products for your home and family, then I can help there, too! Let me save you time and money by sharing what I have found that really work from trusted manufacturers.

Clean/Organic/Local Food Delivery

It all starts with food!  Click here to watch the interesting 2 minute video to learn about a 757 local farm that delivers fresh greens and produce, delicious fresh baked breads and kitchen items from The Bakers Crust restaurant, milk and butter from The Homestead Creamery, local eggs and Kombucha, beef and chicken, pressed juices and several other goodies from their partners.  These features of their greens and herbs has made me a happy customer for several years:

  • Local produce delivered within 48 hours of harvest (peak of nutrient density/nutritional benefit)
  • Available year round, sustainably grown in a greenhouse
  • Clean, fresh & flavorful with twice the shelf life of store-bought greens
  • Always pesticide free and non-GMO BEYOND ORGANIC
  • Price is comparable to grocery store.

They deliver with no contract and no minimum so you can feel comfortable trying their products that boast a 100% satisfaction guarantee.

Complete form below and check ‘FOOD’ to learn more and get the best discounts on your delivery when I set up your online access.

Non-toxic Cleaners/Nutrition and Weight Loss/Paraben Free Skin Care & Cosmetics/Pure Essential Oils, Organic Coffee and Snacks

Use healthier products for your home and body by shopping online in this club that generally offers the best wellness products at the best prices. I have shopped with them since 2015 and refer to them because:

  • They are chemically SAFE and clinically proven to work.
  • They are made FRESH within two weeks of delivery.
  • I SAVE MONEY with their membership, which includes 100% product refund if not satisfied, and I can cancel at any time.
  • I SAVE TIME by shopping online at one store for most everything I need, and they ship direct to my door.

Complete form below and check ‘Products’ to learn more and get the BEST discounts through me (up to 50%), and see if you qualify for $100 of FREE PRODUCTS!

Clean Air

We all breathe, let’s make it clean!  There is a unit continues to amaze me each time I use it, watching how it removes dust and contaminants in my air and dirt on my floor using WATER.  To get a FREE $150 counter top unit for just learning about the floor model for your home. check ‘Clean Air’ on the request form below:

Request a FREE “TOTAL Wellness Assessment”